10, rue de Clignancourt, 75018 PARIS +33(0)1 42 23 48 00 contact@hotel-lemontmartre.com

A 3 star night

The 3-star hotel in Paris has 48 rooms completely rethought. In each, the decor is neat: A chimney framework for the chic, black ceiling which highlights its beautiful moldings for the Parisian side and in some rooms bold tone is set with the open bathroom! Your comfort is also honored with new bedding and quality, a light and soft duvet, air conditioning and a sound insulation reinforced for a sleep in peace.

▶ Covid-19 – Health Protocol :

  • Virucide is used every time the room is cleaned, for handles, surfaces, switches, the television and remote controls.
  • As far as possible, rooms are aired on departure and cleaned 24 hours later.
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